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Ready to get out and perform in front of an audience? Then plug that thing in! We can add a
pickup to any stringed instrument. Sawchyn guitars can outfit you with the appropriate pickup
and amp to help you achieve a pure acoustic sound.

Amps & Pickups  There are 9 products.


  • Fishman

    Fishman pickups and pickups systems are acclaimed worldwide for their warm and accurate sound. That’s why over the last 35-plus years, over 7 million of them have been installed in acoustic instruments of every conceivable style and kind. Fishman Loudbox amplifiers are created with that same sense of musicality and accuracy. That’s why more players choose Fishman Loudbox amplifiers than any other.*We carry all of the products available in the Loudbox series.

  • Marshall

    This vintage style acoustic amp has the features to satisfy any acoustic player’s needs, whatever the stringed instrument. With high clarity and low resonance, the range is designed to have rich clean tones and exceptional versatility.

  • K&K Sound

    In our mind this is the very best pickup available for achieving a true acoustic amplified sound. K & K pickups do not change the sound of your guitar (or other acoustic instrument) they simply make your instrument LOUDER.  We have installed hundreds of these great K&K pickups since we opened our doors and recommend them highly. Please check out the K&K website for all models available. We always keep a wide variety of these in stock at all times. Listed here are just a few of the many types of pickups that K&K make. We always stock a selection of the most asked for pickups. Need to amplify your vioilin, resonator guitar or double bass, just give us a call. We would be happy to fit your instrument with the right K&K system.

  • Other
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items