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The Gig Portable Guitar Workshop; if you've got a case, a table, or even a chunk of plywood, you've got a solid and secure workbench. If you are a travelling musician, OR if you want to set up a sturdy work space at home, then the GIG is for you.  The adjustable neck rest and padded body clamps allow you to secure your guitar on its back, face, or side. You've instantly got a stable workbench for cleaning, changing strings, and doing essential repairs. The Gig takes just minutes to set up on a case or table, and the straps lock everything in place. When you're done, everything fits in the included bag and stores easily in your car or gear bag. Every surface that touches your instrument is covered with finish-safe pads. The padding is the perfect combination of soft and strong—safe for delicate finishes and holds the 

The GIG Portable Guitar Workshop includes: 

  • Tower neck rest—adjustable to fit anything from mandolins to 6 string basses and more
  • Two multi-sided body clamps—padded on all sides to protect your instrument
  • Two rugged straps—secures to nearly any case and more
  • Storage bag

The GIG comes in three colours; Grey, Red and Blue and sells for $124.95. This is a great gift idea for the guitar player that has everything.

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