Regal RC-1

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This metal-body Regal RC-1 resonator recalls the classic instruments of the 1930s with its pearloid peghead veneer, rolled-in F-holes, grey polychrome enamel finish, and spun 9-1/2" biscuit cone with spiral ridges for strength, volume, and tone. The RC-1 Polychrome Duolian has a slim neck with adjustable truss rod, rosewood fingerboard, and die-cast 15:1-ratio sealed tuning machines. The original was a bargain in the '30s, and the new Deco Duolian continues that tradition.

The Duolian resonator was a favorite with blues legends such as Son House, Bukka White, and Tampa Red when it first appeared in 1931, because it offered the volume and projection they needed while maintaining the tone they required. As its sound spread throughout the Delta more and more musicians turned to the Duolian, and it became the amplified guitar of the 1930s with its sharp attack and rapid decay. When the blues migrated from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago, so did the Duolian. It became a staple of the south side Chicago blues scene in the '40s, '50s, and beyond.

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